About us

We are a provider of solutions in the field of Services Outsourcing. Ville provides assistance in the area building, implementing, maintaining and developing IT solutions for business and others.

We are experts in creating on-demand dedicated teams, bespoke software solutions, and consultancy services in other different business areas.

We also have vast experience in the rental of scaffoldings, containers, fences and other construction. Our company's offer includes consultancy, design and teamwork organising. 

Bespoke software solutions

We're specialised in a modern website and web applications design and development providing comprehensive services at any software lifecycle phase, including business requirements analysis, UX design and usability testing, implementation, installation and support.
We can also assist You in obtaining and implementing licensed software and hardware.

Consultancy services

Our mission is to help you transform your business, increase your revenue and save time and operating costs. Through transparent communication, efficient processes and consultancy we take care of your technology challenges and deliver end-to-end solutions.


We offer you a wide range of scaffolding - stationary, suspended or mobile. All our scaffoldings are safe, guarantee easy assembly and disassembly. They are irreplaceable in construction works related to industry, housing and conservation work.

In our offer you will also find storage containers. Irreplaceable for construction and renovation works. Containers give you the option of securing your valuable equipment and this is the most effective method of preventing the loss of small construction equipment and other valuable construction items.

We provide temporary fences for construction and renovation purposes. The fences are modular and can be installed both on unpaved and paved areas such as dice, asphalt and concrete. Thanks to the fastening system, this is the most efficient solution when you need to ensure safety and order in your area.

We prepare the offer individually for each client. We make every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services.

Our offer is addressed to all types of business entities.

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